Network Young Membrains (50 Visitors)


Requested by: Gregor Rudolph <>
Lund University, LTH, Department of Chemical Engineering.
Phone: +46 46 222 86 49
Affiliation Organization /Company: organizing committee of a network meeting  (Network Young Membrains,  NYM 2021)
Preferred dates:10-12 September 2021. visit also on Saturday the 11th of September? We were thinking about arriving at 9:00 and staying for 2h. 
Visiting Groupunofficial motto for NYM 2021 is "Membranes and Nature

Date of the request: 2020-0714
Date for the visit: 11 September 2021
Length of the visit:

Visit starts:  9:00
Visit ends: 11:00

Number of visitorsWe plan with quite a big group of max. 50 people. However, this is just based on historical data.

Details on the participants. More important than a precise answer for all the individual participants is the overall level and background of the group.
Education level: Early career researchers and industrials
Visitor background: Natural sciences. Chemical engineering, industry
Motivation, interest, expectations from the visitors: The aim of the meeting is to connect early career researchers and industrial while at the same time learn something new about membrane applications and membrane characterization.
Within the meeting we have planned to visit MAX IV as the most advanced and a world-leading research facility in the region and would appreciate it very much if we could get an introduction to the facility and a guided tour.

Other Comments: The meeting is scheduled to take place on September 10-12, 2021. Due to the current situation, we reserve the right to make changes to the program.

MAX IV interest: Outreach to "users-to-be"
MAX IV staff involved: host, Ana Labrador, ...
MAX IV room: 

Visit format and program (Presentations, guided tour, beamline, catering, etc…)

Talk:MAX IV a unique tool with many applications, run by experts.

Talk...details examples/methods? CoSAXS? TBD

Talk industry TBD

Guided tour TBD


Feedback (after the visit)


The agenda of this meeting is empty