DiffMAX, The Material Sciences and Diffraction beamline at MAX IV

Sankt Jörgen Park

Sankt Jörgen Park

Knipplekullen 8-10, 417 49 Göteborg

DiffMAX is a beamline project aiming at meeting the needs of material research using the MAX IV Laboratory source in the hard x-ray range.

In its current conceptual description, DiffMAX offers two experimental stations, one providing excellent capabilities for powder diffraction, and one flexible station equipped for receiving large experimental environments and with high spatial accuracy detector positioning allowing for grazing incidence diffraction and scattering techniques on solids and liquids. In addition, the possibility to add a HAXPES capability has been suggested recently. The philosophy of the beamline will be to provide a competent and fertile environment to foster and exploit innovative ideas and measurement techniques for all types of material sciences. In this workshop, we wish to gather the different material science communities, inform them of the possibilities offered by the MAX IV source, and provide a forum to influence the detailed beamline design so that it meets the demands of the communities in an optimum way. The aim of this joint Chalmers/MAX IV workshop is to produce a document containing a list of scientific cases together with a conceptual and technical description of the beamline. This will be accomplished by working groups during the workshop. Important subjects such as scope, timing, financing, user base, operation, interplay with the other MAX IV beamlines will also be discussed.

Note: expert knowledge of X-ray diffraction is not required for this workshop!

-Important: The workshop is free of charge and includes lunches, social dinner and coffee breaks, however participants will have to pay for their own transport and accomodation. The accomodation at Sankt Jörgen Park http://www.sanktjorgenpark.se/en/ shall be booked through the registration form on the indico website (not directly to SJP) a number of rooms have been pre-reserved for us.

-The program features a few speakers who will present examples of science cases, if you wish to present your case as a talk as well, please contact me as soon as possible, otherwise all cases will be presented shortly for the report construction.

-In order to register, you need to have (or create) a profile on indico, which is an internal system to MAX IV, also used for other events and workshops.

  • Britt-Marie Steenari
  • Casey Jessop
  • Cem Örnek
  • Christoph Quitmann
  • Dmytro Orlov
  • Erik Lewin
  • Fan Zhang
  • Gunnar Öhrwall
  • Hanna Härelind
  • Håkan Rensmo
  • Javier Sotres
  • Jens Birch
  • Jinshan Pan
  • Johan Gustafson
  • Ken Inge
  • Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander
  • Magnus Larsson
  • Magnus Skoglundh
  • Martin Sahlberg
  • Olivier Balmes
  • Pavleta Knutsson
  • Per-Anders Carlsson
  • Sten Eriksson
  • Swathi Kiranmayee Manchili
  • Tomas Lundqvist
  • Tommy Nylander
  • Yu Cao
  • Zdenek Matej