6-10 June 2022
LINXS & MAX IV Laboratory
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Data collection and structure determination in macromolecular crystallography

Venue: The course will be held at MAX IV & LINXS in Lund

Dates: Monday June 6 - Friday June 10, 2022

Registration deadline: April 15 (see Application)


  • Diffraction theory, data collection and data processing
  • Serial crystallography
  • Anomalous scattering
  • Molecular replacement
  • Structural biology in fragment-based drug discovery 
  • Complementary methods (SAXS, X-ray spectroscopy, Neutron Diffraction and cryoEM)
  • Model building and map interpretation
  • Refinement of crystal and cryo-EM structures

Teaching and learning methods:
The course includes both theoretical lectures given by international experts  as well as practical exercises. The first two days will be dedicated to lectures at LINXS. The last three days will be dedicated to hands on data collection and computer tutorials  at MAX IV.

The participants obtain 4 ECTS by active participation in the entire course including presenting a poster.

The summer school is funded by 

Organized by Aarhus University and MAX IV Laboratory

Co-organized by EUGLOH

Organizers: Ana Gonzalez, Helena Ullman, Thomas Ursby, Gregers Rom Andersen

LINXS & MAX IV Laboratory