10-11 April 2023
Danfords, Port Jefferson, NY
US/Eastern timezone

This workshop will examine new and emerging research opportunities enabled by diffraction-limited soft X-ray beams provided by existing and upcoming high-brightness storage ring sources. A particular focus will be on requirements to produce the most powerful and impactful techniques, including optics to shape soft X-ray wavefronts, new kinds of area detectors to probe regimes of space and time that are not presently accessible, and theoretical and computational approaches to extract the maximum useful information from the large data sets. Examples include

  • new approaches to measure and understand 4D charge, spin, and orbital correlations in complex, intrinsically heterogeneous materials, 

  • emerging techniques to image such correlations using full-field soft x-ray microscopies in bright and dark field modes with electronic sensitivity, and

  • approaches to shape wavefronts coupled to full transverse x-ray coherence to probe material topology and coherence in new forms of matter.

This workshop is sponsored by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskaprådet, www.vr.se)




Workshop Group Photo

Danfords, Port Jefferson, NY
25 E Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, United States
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