8 November 2023
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Scientific Programme

Map for Siegbahnsalen
Map for Polhemsalen

12.00 Lunch outside of Siegbahnsalen

13.00 Presentation of MAX IV-WISE activities and other workshops [Siegbahnsalen]

13.15 MAX IV introduction to the scientific case [Siegbahnsalen]

13.30 Presentations of user science cases [Siegbahnsalen]
• Lindsay Merte (MaU). "Model oxide catalysts studied by XPS and XAFS"
• Rainer Timm (LU). prel. “ Buried interfaces in advanced electronics and 3D nanostructures”
• Maria Hahlin (UU), Julia Maibach (CTH). prel. “Opportunities for Battery Research using Tender and Hard X-ray spectroscopy.”
• Martin Beye (SU). “Dynamics in surface catalysis”
• Ute Cappel (UU). “In-situ and operando HAXPES of solar cell materials”
• Rebecka Lundblad (UU). “HAXPES as a tool to understand and mitigate corrosion losses”

14.30 Discussion of the science case [Siegbahnsalen]

15.00 Fika outside Polhemsalen.

15.30 Summary [Polhemsalen]

15.45 Presentation of technical solutions [Polhemsalen]

16.15 Discussion of technical solutions [Polhemsalen]

16.45 Closing remarks [Polhemsalen]