21-29 May 2018
Backagården, Höör & MAX IV, Lund
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Organized by MAX IV and Chalmers University.

We kindly invite PhD students interested in Synchrotron Radiation scientific application to a Summer School at Backagården, Höör, and at MAX IV Laboratory, Lund, Sweden in May 2018. A selected number of PhDs are also accepted if they represent fields of science not utilizing synchrotron radiation yet, but have an interest of doing so and provide strong motivation for participation.

Scope of the School

The aim of the school is to provide graduate students with a good  understanding of synchrotron facilities and why are they such a useful tool for research. To that end, the students will attend lectures, do exercises and hands-on sessions at MAX IV and engage in follow-up discussions. In addition to providing a good overview of the main instrumentation and methods aspects of such large scale facility, the school aims at emphasising the MAX IV new imaging capabilities and high coherence.

The school offers a valuable opportunity for the students to start building a network with other students, with the lecturers and the participating MAX IV scientists.

Last day for registration is 16 March, 2018.
The school is free of charge.

Notice of acceptance
After the deadline for registration a committee will meet and decide which applicants will be accepted for this Summer School. All applicants will receive, by e-mail, a letter of acceptance/no acceptance by the end of March.

Program and Location
First part of the summer school will be at Backagården, Höör. A thorough presentation will be made of the accelerators and the production of synchrotron radiation, insertion devices and instrumentation. Special lectures will be held about most typical applications within imaging, scattering and spectroscopy. The lecturers there are recruited internationally and are prominent researchers in their field in Europe and worldwide. An experimental program is included in the course, that part will be realized at MAX IV Laboratory in Lund.

We expect all students to present a poster about (a project from) their PhD at the summer school. Please state the title for that poster in your registration.
The appropriate poster size for the Summer School is A0, that is: width 840 mm, height 1190 mm.

Course administrators

Ass. Prof. Marianne Liebi, marianne.liebi@chalmers.se
Chalmers University of Technology

Assoc. Prof. Francesca Curbis, francesca.curbis@maxiv.lu.se
MAX IV Laboratory

Prof. Sverker Werin, sverker.werin@maxiv.lu.se
MAX IV Laboratory

Dr. Ana Labrador, ana.labrador@maxiv.lu.se
MAX IV Laboratory

Dr. Franz Hennies, franz.hennies@maxiv.lu.se
MAX IV Laboratory

Course secretariat

Admin. Coordinator UO, Helena Ullman, helena.ullman@maxiv.lu.se
Phone: +46-(0)46-222 33 60

Photos from the Summer School 2014 at Skåne Tranås Vandrarhem

Summer School 2014 at Skåne Tranås Vandrarhem  Madeleine Schoug is filming an interview with one of the participants

Backagården, Höör & MAX IV, Lund
http://backagarden.se www.maxiv.lu.se