10th International Workshop on Radiation Safety at Synchrotron Radiation Sources

Auditorium at Kulturen museum, MAX III at MAX IV (Kulturen & MAX IV)

Auditorium at Kulturen museum, MAX III at MAX IV

Kulturen & MAX IV

Kulturen museum: Tegnérsplatsen 6, Lund, Sweden MAX IV Laboratory: Fotongatan 2, Lund, Sweden

10th International Workshop on

Radiation Safety at Synchrotron Radiation Sources


The Tenth International Workshop on Radiation Safety at Synchrotron Radiation Sources (RadSynch19) is being organized at Kulturen and at  MAX IV Laboratory, Lund, Sweden on May 22-24, 2019. This is the tenth conference in this series. The previous conferences were held at APS (2001), ESRF (2002), Spring8 (2004), CLS (2007), Elettra (2009), PAL (2011),   NSLS (2013), DESY (2015) and    NSRRC (2017).



Presently there are nearly 40 operating synchrotron radiation sources in the world with a large scientific user community. There are also several more synchrotron radiation sources in different stages of design, construction and commissioning. These workshops established a forum where the experts of radiation safety at the synchrotron radiation sources can meet and discuss the specific radiation safety and protection issues of the facilities. This kind of dialogue immensely benefits the design, operation and upgrade of the present and future synchrotron radiation facilities and beamlines.


  • To bring together the radiation physicists and radiation safety professionals of the synchrotron radiation facilities around the world in one forum;
  • To promote the exchange of scientific information mutually beneficial for the design and operation of these facilities;
  • To identify areas of improvements in radiation measurements and shielding calculation methodology for the present and future synchrotron radiation sources;
  • To plan and initiate specific collaborative efforts in radiation physics between these facilities.


Attendees are invited to present a talk on the following topics pertaining to accelerators and beam lines of synchrotron radiation sources.

  • Facility reports on new design, upgrade and commissioning
  • Operational experience and lesson learned
  • Radiation safety design and assessment
  • Radiation detector and measurements to evaluate shielding design
  • Interlock system and radiation protection for top-up operation
  • Activation and decommissioning
  • Radiation safety issues for FEL and next generation facilities
  • Safety protection against high power laser used in FEL and synchrotron facilities



  • Adli Mosa Hamad
  • Albert Karcher
  • Alessandro Vascotto
  • Alireza Tanehkar
  • Anders Rosborg
  • Ang-Yu Chen
  • Anne Bundels
  • Arnaud Devienne
  • Bhaskar Mukherjee
  • Dario Rastelli
  • Eric Boyd
  • Fernando Bacchim
  • Giacomo Manessi
  • Giuliana Tromba
  • Go Yoshida
  • Hee-Seock Lee
  • Holger Huck
  • James Liu
  • Jean-Baptiste PRUVOST
  • Jean-Michel Horodynski
  • Jimmy Malmqvist
  • Johanna Paulsson
  • Johannes Bauer
  • Johnny Kvistholm
  • Josefin Reftlér
  • Joseph Liu
  • Justyna Wikłacz
  • Katarina Norén
  • Klaus Ott
  • Konstantin Batkov
  • Lisa Pedrazzi
  • Lutz Pichl
  • Magnus Hörling
  • Matteo Treccani
  • Mehdi Pakmehr
  • Michael Dressel
  • Michael Hagelstein
  • Nam-Suk Jung
  • Paolo Banfi
  • Paul Berkvens
  • pawel wesolowski
  • Ping Yang
  • Richard Doull
  • Roberto Versaci
  • Sanjeev Faruk
  • Sayed Rokni
  • Shanjie Xiao
  • Stuart Ansell
  • Tomas Andersson
  • Veronika Olsovcova
  • Wolfgang Clement
  • Yoshihiro ASANO
  • Zunaira Ansari
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