26-28 June 2019
Kulturen, Lund
Europe/Stockholm timezone



Wednesday, 26 June

13:00-14:30     Management meeting – only iNEXT Management committee

14:30-15:30     Registration and coffee

15:30-15:45    Welcome by Rolf Boelens, Coordinator iNEXT, Utrecht University,

15:45-16:30    Guillermo Montoya, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
                         “cryoEM reveals CRISPR-Cas12a conformational activation and the
                         RNA-guided endonuclease reseting”

16:30-17:00     Alice Douangamath, DIAMOND, United Kingdom
                         “XChem platform at Diamond, enabling routine fragment screening 
                         campaigns and beyond”

17:00-17:30     Enrico Luchinat, CIRMMP, Italy
                         “Recent developments and applications of in-cell NMR in mammalian 

17.30-19:00     Poster session

19:00-22:00     Conference dinner


Thursday, 27 June

09:00-09:45     Janosch Hennig, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
                         “Integrative structure determination of protein-RNA complexes,
                         combining small-angle neutron scattering and NMR”

09:45-10:15     Katja Petzold, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
                         “Dynamics of regulatory RNA’s by NMR”

10:15-10:45     Coffee break

10:45-11:30     Oliver Zerbe, University of Zurich, Switzerland
                         "Solution NMR Studies of 7-TM Proteins"

11:30-12:00    Marina Mapelli, European Institute of Oncology, Italy
                        “Molecular crosstalk between fate determination and orientation in 
                         epithelial cell divisions”

12:00-12:30     Margarida Archer, ITQB NOVA, Portugal
                         "Is it just a glycosyltransferase?! That´s the big question in the intricate 
                         cell wall of mycobacteria"

12:30-14:00     Lunch & continued Poster session

14:00-14:40     Ilaria Ferlenghi, GSK Vaccines, Italy
                         “GEMINI: an integrated structural approach for vaccine identification 
                          and pathogenesis insight”

14:40-15:00     Marcel Blommers, Saverna Therapeutics, Switzerland
                         “Fragment Screening of RNA and Proteins using Orthogonal Mixtures: 
                           Exploring a new Target Area for Drug Discovery”

15:00-15:20     Minos Matsoukas, University of Patras, Greece
“Conformational state sampling and dual targeting of the GHRHR,
                           a family B GPCR”

15:20-15:40     Kirsty Ford, University of Leicester, UK
“Exploring the potential of the catalytic subunit of the COP9 
                           deubiquitinase complex as a target for fragment-based drug Discovery”

15:40-16:00     Andrea Bodor, ELTE, Hungary
“Diffusion NMR Based Analytical Tool to Distinguish Folded, Disordered
                           and Denatured Biomolecules”

16:00-18:00     Facility visits, MAX IV & ESS
(16:15-16:35   Coffee for participants not going for facility visits)

19:00-22:00     Dinner at Kulturen


Friday, 28 June

09:00-10:30     General Assembly

10:30-11:00     Coffee and departure