Industrial applications at the MAX IV Laboratory:

Explore the use of imaging and scattering techniques in metallic materials applications

The MAX IV Laboratory is the Swedish national synchrotron light facility that will be the brightest light source in the world when taken in operation in 2016. Swerea SWECAST and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, both part of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, co-operate with academia, enterprise and society to create value, growth and competitiveness through research excellence and innovation.

The course is aimed at R&D managers, industrial specialists and project leaders at small and large companies that want to expand their understanding and the dissemination of synchrotron light techniques and how they can be used to solve companies' specific challenges within materials science.

Learn more how you in practice perform an investigation; from first contact, to measurement, analysis and interpretation of results.

Let the MAX IV Laboratory experts, SWECAST and SP help you!

Examples of what the MAX IV Laboratory, SWECAST and SP can provide about your samples and applications:

  • Microscopy and imaging of composition of elements and chemical structure, geometrical structures as atomic, mesoscopic, microscopic and macroscopic all in 3D
  • Scattering and diffraction 2D to 3D to 4D imaging
  • High spatial resolution
  • Tomography
  • Analysis and characterization of materials (amorphous/crystalline)
  • Investigation of coatings, particles and surface contamination
  • Solid-state chemistry, phase changes, chemical crystallography
  • Nanostructure and microstructure
  • In-situ material and experimental mechanics
  • …and much more

The course is in one day and will be held in English. It includes background information about the techniques, presentation of examples relevant for metallic materials applications and a visit of the new premises at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund. You will meet the experts at the MAX IV Laboratory!

MAX IV Laboratory, Lund
Photongatan 2, 225 92 Lund

Registration deadline: November 4th

Course fee: 7 500 SEK (incl. 25% VAT), SME 5 000 SEK (incl. 25% VAT) (please observe that lunch, coffee, dinner and materials is included, but not travel & accomodation)


Elite Hotel Ideon,
Hotel Lundia,
Hotel Ahlström,


Torsten Sjögren, SP,, +46 10 516 52 49
 Katarina Norén, MAX IV Laboratory,, +46 709 32 34 23