10-13 December 2019
Lund University
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Invited Speakers

  • Invited Speakers


  • Bernd Winter, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and BESSY II (Plenary)
    Photoelectron Spectroscopy from Liquid Microjets: New Developments and Opportunities

  • William Chueh, Stanford University (Plenary)
    Mechanistic understanding of redox reactions on cerium oxide: CO2, H2O and O2 reduction 

  • Enrique Ortega, Universidad del País Vasco (Invited)
    Ignition of the catalytic CO oxidation at Pd and Pt surfaces curved around the (111) direction

  • Kees-Jan Weststrate, Syngaschem BV (Invited)
    Using high resolution XPS at low and near-ambient pressures to resolve mechanistic issues in cobalt-catalyzed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

  • Fredrik Lindgren, Uppsala University (Invited)
    The road towards operandi measurements of Li-ion battery electrodes

  • Peter Amann, Stockholm University (Invited)
    High-pressure x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for studies of catalytic materials above atmospheric pressure

  • Qiang Fu, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics  (Invited)
    Catalysis and energy processes confined under 2D layers explored by near ambient pressure photoemission electron microscopy and spectroscopy (NAP-PEEM/PES)

  • Andrei Kolmakov, NIST (Invited)
    From Spectromicroscopy to Nanofabrication In liquids with Soft X-rays

  • Matthias Minjauw, Ghent University (Invited)
    In situ X-ray based characterization of atomic layer deposition