14th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation

Palaestra et Odeum & AF Borgen (Lund)

Palaestra et Odeum & AF Borgen



What is the BSR Conference Series?

The International Biology and Synchrotron Radiation (BSR) meetings are held every three years with the aim of presenting and discussing state of the art applications in relevant research fields. They have a long-standing record since the first meeting in Frascati, Italy in 1986. Subsequent meetings were held at sites at or near the most advanced light source facilities around the world, with the last BSR meeting taking place in Shanghai, China in 2019.

BSR is a unique forum to discuss the novel possibilities of synchrotrons and X-ray lasers and to promote their applications to challenging biological problems.

14th BSR

MAX IV, the pioneer in multi-bend achromat synchrotron technology, would like to invite the synchrotron and free electron laser (FEL) Life Science community to Lund to discuss the latest and hottest developments in the field at the 14th BSR. By 2023, several other synchrotron facilities will also have upgraded their sources or have defined upgrade plans and we feel it would be opportune to discuss and high-light the latest developments and the possibilities for biological experiments at the next generation of synchrotrons and FELs.

For the upcoming  BSR, we selected as main themes:

  • Membranes: lipids and proteins
  • Synchrotrons and FELS for Pandemic research
  • Hybrid or correlative approaches to complex biology
  • Scientific computing for Life Sciences
  • Coherence approaches
  • Environmental and bioeconomy /Industrial and Pharma
  • Tissues and cells
  • Dynamics & Ultrafast Science

Within each theme there will be invited speakers and a selection of poster presentations. The conference will also host 2 keynote speakers. Poster sessions and an excursion the the MAX IV synchrotron will also be part of the program.


The 14th BSR will take place from the 11th to the 14th of June 2023. The venues are Palaestra et Odeum and the Academic Society (AF Borgen), both historic buildings in the centre of Lund, Sweden.

The agenda of this meeting is empty