15-16 March 2016
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The aim of this workshop is to identify scientific areas and communities that can profit from CXI and related methods, and to gather input for the design of the Coherent X-ray Imaging end-station, a branch of the SoftiMAX beamline at MAX IV.

SoftiMAX is a soft x-ray beamline for coherent soft x-ray microscopy and imaging. It consists of 2 branches, one for Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy and the other for 'Coherent X-ray Imaging' techniques. Research with coherent X-rays has experienced a tremendous boost in the last decade as sources with considerable coherent photon flux have become available. The MAX IV 3 GeV ring will provide a very high average coherent flux, especially towards longer wavelengths (lower photon energy). SoftiMAX will make excellent use of these conditons by implementing microscopy methods to provide chemical, electronic, magnetic and/or structural information, depending on the details of the experiment.

The CXI branch line will be dedicated to host a variety of Coherent Soft X-ray Imaging & Scattering techniques, where a specimen is typically imaged without X-ray “lenses”. These coherent scattering based approaches are characterized by a higher freedom with respect to sample environments (temperature, magnetic or electric fields) compared to more standard X-ray microscopy, and as such the end station can have a modular character. Alongside the coherent imaging techniques, Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering is a valuable asset in determining structural parameters of diverse materials with high sensitivity. These and more methods, along with their implementation at the CXI branch line and their applications in science, will be discussed during the workshop.

MAX III, 4th floor
Fotongatan 2 225 94 Lund Sweden