7-28 February 2017
MAX IV-laboratoriet
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Training course for handling allergenic products such as Epoxy glues at MAX IV


The Chemical Safety Team would like to invite MAX IV staff members to a training course in how to handle allergenic products safely. 

Examples of allergenic products are mainly adhesives (e.g. glues containing Epoxy, Cyanoakrylates), but could also be special type of Paint. These are common products that are used daily by MAX IV staff but without having documented training or been offered medical examination. Working with allergenic products requires special training as stated in AFS 2014:43; 37 § a-g – Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment.

To acquire knowledge about the regulations and rules when involved in work with allergenic products. After taking this course and after your manager approves the risk assessment, you are allowed to work with these type of products at MAX IV. A medicinal examination will be optional but a requirment for some products.

Target Staff Members:
The legal part is clear – the persons directly involved in using allergenic products (e.g. sample mounting with epoxy) must attend this type of training, but also their closest responsible manager that leads the work (i.e. group managers/directors with staff responsibility), as they approve the risk assessments. Thus the target group at MAX IV, is the staff members that want to use these kind of products and their responsible manager.

A training course will be given by Olle Jernberg, LU Bygg:
In Swedish – February 7th, 13.00-14:30 (Max: 50 participants)
In English – February 28th, 13.00-14.30
(Max: 50 participants)

Register your interest to participate at one of these occasions before February 6th.

Please observe:
Staff members without this training are not allowed to work with these type of products. When we get an inspection from the Swedish Work Authority, we could face a fine of 10 000 SEK/person who is involved in work with allergenic products without a documented training. With certain products the fine is 150 000 SEK if a medicinal examination have been omitted.

In the case of the course being oversubscribed, the available slots will be given to those who need the training most urgently.

If you have any questions regading this training, don't hesitate to contact the Chemical Safety Team at chemsafety@maxiv.lu.se


MAX IV-laboratoriet