11-14 January 2022
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Visa application

Sweden is within the Schengen zone. However, visitors from some countries will need a visa to enter Sweden. Click here to find a list of countries where visa requirements exist.

Several types of visa are available. To attend the conference you will require a visa for business and conferences. More details can be found here

If you require a visa, you will need a letter of invitation from the conference. This can be obtained by registering for the conference and then emailing useroffice@esss.se requesting a visa and providing the following information:

  1. Full name as it is written in your passport
  2. Passport number
  3. Nationality
  4. Date of passport issue
  5. Date of passport expiry

We will provide the start and end dates of the conference and include the statement that the ‘total stay within Schengen will not exceed 90 days’.   

This letter will only be prepared after you have registered and paid for the conference. A scanned copy will be emailed to you within two weeks of receiving your request.

In case you don't get your visa in time, you can cancel your registration and get reimbursed for the conference fee.