Radiation damage workshop RD9 (2016, Lund, Sweden)

Ideon, Lund, Sweden

Ideon, Lund, Sweden


9th International Workshop on X-ray Radiation Damage to Biological Crystalline Samples

The organisers warmly invite you to attend this workshop to be held in Lund, Sweden, in proximity of the new MAX IV facility. More information will be added later but please reserve the dates in your calendar. The meeting will start at lunch time on Wednesday March 9th 2016 and finish by lunch time Friday March 11th 2016.

This series of workshops was originally concerned with the effects of radiation damage during investigation of protein structures by X-ray crystallography. Other techniques of structural biology are now being included to ensure greater information exchange. The workshop will therefore be of interest to all those using ionising radiation to examine biological structures at the molecular level.

If you would like to know more about the research in this field please see Radiation damage to macromolecules: kill or cure? at the IUCr web page that includes links to special issues of Journal of Synchrotron Radiation dedicated to the earlier workshops.

The new MAX IV facility includes a 3 GeV storage ring that will be the first using a multibend achromat lattice with sub-nm rad emittance. The facility also includes a 1.5 GeV storage ring and a 3 GeV linac serving a short pulse facility and the two storage rings. The new facility will be inaugurated in June 2016.

The eight previous workshops in this series were held in
1999 (ESRF, France)
2001 (APS, USA)
2003 (ESRF, France)
2006 (SPring-8, Japan)
2008 (SLS, Switzerland)
2010 (SSRL, USA)
2012 (DLS, UK)
2014 (EMBL & DESY, Germany)

Organizing committee

Elspeth Garman (Oxford, UK) (COST)
Martin Weik (IBS, Grenoble, France) (COST)
Ian Carmichael (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, USA)
Henry Chapman (CFEL, Hamburg, Germany)
Ana Gonzalez (SSRL, USA)
Sean McSweeney (BNL, USA)
Colin Nave (Diamond, UK)
Arwen Pearson (CUI, Hamburg, Germany) (COST)
Alexander Popov (ESRF, Grenoble, France)
Raimond Ravelli (Maastricht, Netherlands)
Gerd Rosenbaum (University of Georgia, USA)
Masaki Yamamoto (SPring8, Japan)
Marjolein Thunnissen (MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden)
Thomas Ursby (MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden)


MAX IV Laboratory




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Silver Sponsors

FMB Oxford


Bronze Sponsors

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction     Rayonix L.L.C.

NatX-ray     Jena Bioscience GmbH     Hampton Research 

Douglas Instruments Ltd     Bruker     Oxford Cryosystems

  • Alexander Popov
  • Allen Orville
  • Ana Gonzalez
  • Anastasya Shilova
  • Anders Svensson
  • Andreas Förster
  • Anna Polyakova
  • Arwen Pearson
  • Ashwin Chari
  • Brian Abbey
  • Briony Yorke
  • Charles Bury
  • Christian Frankaer
  • Christopher Ward
  • Clemens Schulze-Briese
  • Colin Nave
  • David von Stetten
  • Demet Kekilli
  • Derek Logan
  • Dominika Borek
  • Edward Snell
  • Elspeth Garman
  • Eugenio De la Mora
  • Florian Dworkowski
  • Folmer Fredslund
  • Garth Simpson
  • Gerd Rosenbaum
  • Gianluca Santoni
  • Gleb Bourenkov
  • Hans-Petter Hersleth
  • Henrik Hansson
  • Ian Carmichael
  • Isabel Bento
  • Isabelle Martiel
  • Jacques-Philippe Colletier
  • James Holton
  • Jie Nan
  • Johan Unge
  • Jonathan Brooks-Bartlett
  • Judy Kim
  • Kajsa Sigfridsson Clauss
  • Karol Nass
  • Liz Duke
  • Marcus Winter
  • Marjolein Thunnissen
  • Markel Martinez
  • Martin Gerlach
  • Martin Weik
  • Masaki Yamamoto
  • Matti van Schooneveld
  • Md Tofiz Uddin
  • Mike Hough
  • Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Nina Forsgren
  • Paw Kristiansen
  • Pernille Harris
  • Philip Roedig
  • Pradeep Hiriyur Nagaraj
  • Raimond Ravelli
  • Rajan Ganesan
  • Rajmund Mokso
  • Ralf Siebrecht
  • Rana Ali
  • Robert Rambo
  • Robert Thorne
  • Sam Horrell
  • Satyaprakash Yadav
  • Sebastien Boutet
  • Selina Storm
  • Sofia Kapetanaki
  • Thomas Schneider
  • Thomas Ursby
  • Uwe Mueller
  • Vivek Srinivas
  • William SHEPARD
  • Yasufumi Umena
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