15-17 March 2017
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Meeting Summary

  Community EPU Features
      Compressions: lz4, bslz4, bszstd
      Outputs: Filewriter style, mini´and full CBF
       support templating
  Tools for visualizing the files and template (based on the one in DIALS)
  Tools for editing templates.  
  Tools for debugging and validating datasets, templates, especially axis chain
  All of the above in versions for beamline scientist, controls people,

  Dectris will strive mightily to have fully valid NXmx output
  Dectris will have a Nexxie award with chocolate and some liquid 
  There will be an eastern hemisphere HDRMX meeting organizing committee 

   See www.github.com/dectris/neggia has the hdf5 or other 
funny file plugin for things like XDS.

   We agreed to put placeholders for all of the PDB mmCIF tags into a
NeXus nxdl set of files.
   ibid core cif
   be sure to provide facility and beamline descriptors
   be sure to provide tags for all modern goniometers and detector positioner
   be sure to provide tags and examples for samples holders, jets, toothpaste
   be sure to provide tags for LIMS info, and things like MAD absorption edge scan,
and relevant URL, URIs and DOIs
   please, please record HDF5 and plugin versions, settings

   Metadata not provided by Dectris will be added from a beamline template file,
but attempts to overwrite Dectris data will be rejected.  Dectris will
specify internals in collaboration with the community.

   People are encouaged to provide test data set for trials in different
processing evironments to provide a community table of performance.  To be
coordinated via HDRMX list (HJB coordinating)

    People are encouraged to provide lossy compression to be tested
crystallographically with results posted via the list.  (GW coordinating)