21-23 March 2016
AlbaNova University Center, Stockholm
UTC timezone

The Soft X-ray Laser @ MAX IV

The analysis for a beamline providing coherent radiation at extreme powers in the range 1-5 nm / 0.25-1 keV has now started.

The linear accelerator at MAX IV Laboratory provides ultra short electron pulses with low emittance at energies up to 3 GeV into an experimental area called the Short Pulse Facility (SPF). Currently one beamline is built in the SPF (FemtoMAX) while there are options for more.

Two layout options (figures below) provide possible solutions achieving different performance.

Tentative machine parameters are given in the table below. Seeding is believed to be fundamental, while the beamline may start up in SASE mode. Options for achieving shorter pulses will be included in the design.


Tentative parameters for a coherent beamline in the SPF
Wavelength 1-5 nm
Photon energy 0.25 - 1 keV
Pulse length >10 fs
Repetition rate 10 - 100 Hz
Peak photon power 1 GW
Electron energy 1.2 - 2.5 GeV
Undulator In-vacuum
Undulator period 18 mm
Undulator K 2.4
Undulator length 35-50 m (magnetic length)
Operation mode SASE and seeded (SXSS, Soft X-ray Self Seeding)




Figure: Two layouts under study for a Coherent Beamline in the SPF.