European User Offices Meeting

Hotel Elite

Hotel Elite

Scheelevägen 27 Lund, Sweden
User Offices play a key role in large scale synchrotron, FEL and neutron facilities. These user offices share many common tasks and workflows, but each facility has their own needs and demands. The present meeting is the third discussion forum of European User Offices. With CALIPSOplus started and the upcoming LEAPS initiative, this meetings is a place to discuss workflows and achievements as well as common worries and future developments. Topics to be discussed are: - Increase efficiency and services for users - Activities stimulating an increase of the fraction of women among the lightsources users - Deadlines harmonization - Users statistics parameters - Twinning teams for new communities (CALIPSOplus) The meeting will start with a Lunch at 12:00 on Monday the 23rd of October and finish with a Lunch on Tuesday the 24th of October. In addition to the User Offices meeting there will be also a meeting of the CALIPSOplus NA1 Umbrella work-group (Tuesday afternoon) as well as a meeting of the executive board of CALIPSOplus (Wednesday morning). Registration for these two meetings is also through the registration form. A more detailed agenda will be announced shortly.
  • Alicja Górkiewicz
  • Ana Sofia Anselmo
  • Ana-Maria Labrador-Garcia
  • Andrew Kaye
  • Annick Froideval
  • Antje Vollmer
  • Antonella Balerna
  • Arno Hiess
  • Barbara Schramm
  • Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer
  • Bill Pulford
  • Carina Lobley
  • Cecilia Blasetti
  • Corinne-Sylvie PAVAN
  • Daniela Unger
  • Flavio Carsughi
  • Florian Staier
  • Frédérique FRAISSARD
  • Graham Appleby
  • Helena Ullman
  • Idrissou CHADO
  • Ina Lommatzsch
  • Inmaculada Ramos Lerate
  • Lajos Fulop
  • Magnus Larsson
  • Mandy Grobosch
  • Manfred Helm
  • Marjolein Thunnissen
  • Markus Knecht
  • Michela Bassanese
  • Mirjam van Daalen
  • Nykola Jones
  • Ornela De Giacomo
  • Pavol Noga
  • Philip King
  • Ralf Nyholm
  • Sarah Marshall-Bensch
  • Silvia Bertini
  • Stefan Janssen
  • Tamas Miklos Gaizer
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