25-27 March 2015
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Practical information

Workshop location:

The workshop is going to be located at Elite Hotel Ideon, Scheelevägen 27, Ideon Science Park, 223 63 Lund. Webpage: https://www.elite.se/en/hotell/lund/hotel-ideon/

From Copenhagen airport: Take the train over the bridge to Lund C. Tickets can be bought in the "Skånetrafiken" machines at the airport. For timetable visit http://www.skanetrafiken.se, press "Visitor" for English.

From Lund C: The bus stop "Ideon" can be reached by local bus (green) 20 (to Lundalänken ESS via MAX IV) or regional bus (yellow) 166 (to S Sandby) and 169 (to Pendeln Södervärn). If you already bought a train ticket to Lund with "Skånetrafiken" (for example from Copenhagen Airport) it is also valid at the buses. Otherwise, you have to buy a ticket. For the green buses you need to buy a ticket in advance in the machines at the station. For the yellow buses you can buy a ticket in the machines or by card on the bus. For the timetable visit http://www.skanetrafiken.se, press "Visitor" for English.

From Malmö airport: The bus stop "Ideon" can be reached by the airport bus. The ticket can be bought on the airport or by card on the bus. For timetable visit http://www.flygbussarna.se.


Accommodation will be available at the Elite Hotel Ideon. For invited speakers, the expense will be covered by the workshop organizers. If the budget allows, the expense will be covered for all participants. Register for the accommodation when registering for the workshop.


The closest airports to Lund are Copenhagen airport and Malmö airport. Lund also has good train connections to the rest of Sweden and Europe. For invited speakers, the travel arrangements will be handled by the workshop organizers and the costs reimbursed by the MAX IV Laboratory.