8-9 March 2017
Ångströmslaboratoriet, Uppsala
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Scientific Programme

Infrared Chemical Imaging for the Future at MAX IV

Polhemssalen, Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, March 8-9

Wednesday, March 8

11:00 Registration and Lunch (individual and not arranged by the WS)

12:00  Welcome and presentation of a workshop

Jesper Andersen, MAX IV

Per Uvdal, Lund University                                                           

Chair: Per Persson

12:15 Why do you want to use infrared light from synchrotron radiation storage rings?

Larry Carr, Brookhaven, USA

12:45 Scanning-probe chemical imaging down to 30 nm

spatial resolution.

 Mike Martin, ALS Berkeley

13:15 Space science, soft and solid matter, cultural heritage and archaeology: On the diversity of SR based infrared spectroscopy

Paul Dumas, SOLEIL, Paris

13:45 New light on Alzheimer’s disease Oxana Klementieva, BMC Lund University

13:45 Scanning-probe chemical imaging down to 30 nm spatial resolution Mike Martin, ALS Berkeley

13:45 Coffe break

15:00 Materials at extreme conditions: high pressure, low temperatures and everything else         

Paul Dumas, SOLEIL


How to make a successful beamline project.

Jesper Andersen, MAX IV

15:40  All Your Scientific Cases; Meet With the Speakers for Questions, Discussions

18:15 Predinner talks together with the iBiomat workshop:

X-ray + IR, the Perfect Marriage?

Mike Martin, ALS Berkeley

Using artificial intelligence and big data to accelerate and           improve medical imaging

Kevin Mader, 4Quant, Switzerland

19:15 Dinner together with the iBiomat workshop


Thursday, March 9

8:55 Good morning!

Chair: Lars Österlund

9:00 Combining infrared and X-ray imaging for biomedical applications.

9:30  Bone and healing of bone

 Hanna Isaksson, LTH Lund University

9:45 Three-Dimensional Infrared Chemical Imaging; Spectro-Microtomography

Mike Martin, ALS Berkeley

10:00 All Your Scientific Cases; Questions, Discussions and Wrap Up

12:00 END


Organizer: Professor Per Uvdal, Lund University

Dr. Anders Engdahl, MAX IV

The Swedish Chemical Society: Section for Vibrational Spectroscopy

Local organizer: Professor Lars Österlund, Uppsala University The Center for Photon Science at Uppsala University